Explore the wonders of hand carving of intricate designs into the timber.


Gordon Pembridge was born in Kenya and spending his first ten years there, he was - as he explains - lucky enough to experience the wilds of Africa. Having the opportunity to play and explore the nature around him, he quickly developed a passion for natural history. He studied and completed his education in Wanganui, New Zealand (where he also experienced the wonders of the great outdoors while tramping, hunting, fishing, and scuba diving), and is now working for himself, working in fields of graphic design, fine art, illustration, photography, 3D design, and woodturning.

He combined his love for natural history and woodworking into woodturning and the result is a series of thin turned pieces with a pierced fern as his signature piece. On top of that, he also started hand engraving on steel and precious metals!

If you like Mr Gordon's art and you wish to purchase or commission a piece, or just find out more, please visit the artist's website at gordonpembridge.com.

March 15, 2017 Living photo: Gordon Pembridge

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