Peter Bellerby's father was celebrating his 80th birthday and his son wanted to give him a globe for a present. Because he wasn't able to find the particular kind of globe he was looking for, he swiftly decided to simply make one. 


Who would have thought? With all this ground-breaking technology, with zooming in and out on the streets and houses of (un)known people, who'd even consider buying an old school globe? But the vintage and classic seem to be coming back in fashion. Peter Bellerby created a small company and started producing globes. Not just any kind of globes, mind you, but good globes, because those proved to be incredibly rare nowadays. Today they are either massively produced and cheap, or perhaps you manage to find some that are of good quality, yet completely outdated and unsuitable for use. If he had the budget, Bellerby initially only wanted to make that one globe for his father and one for himself, but things took a different turn.

A small, London-based team began producing high quality hand-crafted globes, large and small, which can easily be displayed as a true piece of art, or you can actually use them as a scientific instrument. Creating a globe is terribly time-consuming, but it, of course, all depends on the size of the globe - the mini desk version can measure only 23 centimeters, while you may also order a massive 127 centimeter sphere!

Their globes are quite famous. They appeared on various BBC TV productions, in Hollywood films, but there are also quite a few of those that have been comissioned by private owners to be custom-made according to their personal wishes - some customers wish to have their favourite palces in the world stand out, to have star maps included or fantasy figures, or just specifically mark all the locations they yet intend to visit.

Certainly a timeless, ageless gift of the ancient art, making the owner of such an item truly and quite literally - a centre point of the world. 

Sept. 9, 2015 Living photo: Bellerby & Co. Globemakers

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