One Japanese designer cleverly united two of the Japanese traditional crafts to create a very chic cup that became and instant Kickstarter hit!


Japanese designer Tomoya Nasuda united two traditional crafts, Hasami Yaki (work in high-quality porcelain) and Hakata Magemono (the craft of bending wood by hand) in one very special cup. It's made of Japanese clay, the key ingredient in Hasamiyaki porcelain, which is wrapped with a bentwood cedar sleeve.

Creator says both crafts are highly praised and are well known in Japan, but they are still rather unknown outside his home country. He decided to join both crafts in order to highlight their qualities and introduce them to the people around the world.

Supporters of Nasuda's project already pledged the required 9,900 $, but it didn't stop there. With 10 days left to go, Haori Cup received 637 backers and over 86,000 USD.

The Haori Cup was made for either hot or cold drinks and it comes in various color shades (white for sake, brown for coffee and light green for green tea) and is available to pre-order on Kickstarter for 42 USD.

Let tea drinking become your favorite art.

June 27, 2015 Living photo: Haori Cup

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