uGale is an app-controlled insole, which offers active ventilation, allowing your feet to stay cool in the summers and warm in the winters. 

It happens all too often – after wearing your shoes all day at work, you finally return home only to realize your feet did not really appreciate the 'sauna' you intended for them. The smell of sweaty feet is rather impossible to ignore and it can get quite frustrating, when you have to take off your shoes visiting someone after work, without being able to give your feet a proper shower, a new pair of socks and a new pair of shoes.

Good news for everyone craving odor-free feet! uGale controls the inner environment of your shoes and even tracks your activity. Once you've got your insoles, just download the uGALE control app on your smartphone. Switch the on/off button of the insole, launch the app and connect it with your smartphone by using bluetooth. You can adjust the temperature (heat) or the airflow to whatever you desire, meaning you can wear your favourite shoes at any time of the year. By connecting uGALE insoles with the dedicated app, you can warm up the insoles up to 40°C (104°F) separately and feel very comfy even during winter.

These smart insoles are said to last up to 10 hours on one battery charge. The most fun part about it is the way you charge them: you only need to place them on an induction mat and they charge wirelessly!

June 14, 2015 Living photo: uGale

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