ePint offers endless possibilities of fun.


It is unbelievable how smart people can be. We invented smart homes, smart phones, smart washing machines and now even a smart Beer Mug called ePint. What's so smart about it?

It connects to the Internet via your cell phone using Bluetooth LE technology (you need an app for that of course - it will be available for iOS and Android phones), it is able to change colors, it can flash in sync with the music playing on your cell phone, it can notify your friends when you've finished your last pint (you need to be connected to social networks); moreover, with the help of sensors, it knows when it is being moved and when you are drinking (accelometer)! You can open bottles with it and ePint even knows when your mug is full or empty. With one app you can connect multiple mugs and even play drinking games with your beer-drinking buddies.

Inventors said: "Regular beer mugs are plain and they're simply boring as hell." But they sure are cheap. ePint, which is made of durable polycarbonate material, is going to cost you 59.99 $. Supporters on Kickstarter can get a discount...

ePint : SMART BEER MUG from Xtreme Tech LLC on Vimeo.

Sept. 18, 2015 Living photo: ePint

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