Location cloud company HERE just updated its popular cloud-based application HERE Maps. Dubbed HERE WeGo, it is designed to simplify urban mobility by making it "on–demand, personal and stress-free".

"Today people have more choices than ever to reach their destination - from public transit to bike, taxi to car sharing and more. HERE WeGo brings them into one place and provides users with flexible, end-to-end options for their journeys, easily comparable to make individual choices. Ultimately, HERE WeGo is the only app people need to get around the city", said Leon van de Pas, Senior Vice President, Internet of Things at HERE.

Next to the usual navigational options, HERE WeGo is designed to provide a city traveller with transparent overview of different transport options that best fit their needs, whether it be a personal car, a car from car sharing, a city bus or any other way of public transportation, bicycle, walking or whatever other option modern urban and suburban dwellers can choose from.

As any other navigational device, HERE WeGo app is centered arround route planning and giving directions, but it also covers every part of the user's journey from start to finish, including parking suggestions and a short walk at the end. It allows for voice-guided turn-by-turn drive and pedestrian navigation in more than 130 countries, public transport information for more than 1,200 cities, bike routing, car sharing options with Car2Go integration, taxi services and car parks, comparisons of different options that will help you get around the city, cost and travel time estimates, live traffic information in 55 countries and maps for more than 150 countries, which can be downloaded on the smartphone, but then also viewed offline.

HERE WeGo app will eventually replace HERE Maps and is already available for free in the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. At least in the begining, Android users will be better off with a broader set of features and options.

July 28, 2016 Living photo: HERE

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