At a 10-meter height, Skysphere offers a remarkable 360-degree view!


Some dream of tree-houses when they are children and they later forget all about it, but with some this dream lingers on. One of the latter is Jono Williams. His tree-house is actually a 10-meter-high steel column, with the living area on top. The living space measures approximately 25 square meters, and you need to climb up the ladder to reach the entry on top of the tower. There is no elevator (yet). The 360-degree windows offer a spectacular view, but it's even more fascinating how Williams' second home is purely solar-powered and even voice-controlled.

Tech lovers may be interested to read that Skysphere is easily managed with an app, installed on an Android-running mobile phone; the door unlocks without keys, because the entry is guarded by a fingerprint reader. Williams' man cave in the clouds, his sanctuary for drinking beer with friends, also comes with obligatory internet, a wireless sound system, a projector screen, a stargazing platfrom and a remote-controlled, in-couch beer dispenser that can hold 12 beers and make sure additional 36 beers are being cooled for later.

With all the beer running, there is something about Skysphere that makes us worry a bit for our bladders. Not only there is no running water (nor for drinking, nor for washing the dishes), there is also no (yes, you've guessed it right) toliet!

All the materials and the designing process for the project cost Williams about 50,000 dollars and demanded over 3,000 working hours.

July 30, 2015 Living photo: Jono Williams/Skysphere

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