Catalin je poletel 275.9 metra daleč, let pa končal v vodi.

While the hovering arm from Back To The Future movie remains within the domain of science fiction, sooner or later it will, very much, become reality. 

First step in that direction is Hendo Hoverboard, which caused quite a stir when presented a few months ago. Hendo uses electromagnets to hover above ground and, in order to function, needs a metal underside. Catalin Alexandru Duru, the inventor from Canada, made the hovering board at home and got his name into the Guiness World Of Records, after flying over the Quebec lake (275.9m or 905 feet). This result excelled the existing record five times.

Board hovers using propellers on its underside. It looks as if Catalin had one four-engine drone under each of his feet. Maintaining balance is a matter of feeling. Catalin says that his board works above any surface, but because of safety (his board can go up to 5m high), most 'flights' were performed above water. At present, Catalin and his business partners are searching for capital investors and hope that, before too long, they will manage to produce a prototype for mass production. Green Goblin's board from Spiderman movies suddenly looks quite possible. Have a look at Catalin's adventure in the video below...

May 25, 2015 Living photo: Guinness World Records

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