A dreamy, silently operating, stainless steel kinetic wind sculpture by Anthony Howe. 


"Kinetic sculpture resides at the intersection of artistic inspiration and mechanical complexity. The making of one of my pieces relies on creative expression, metal fabrication, and a slow design process in equal parts. It aims to alter one's experience of time and space when witnessed. It also needs to weather winds of 90 mph and still move in a one mile per hour breeze and do so for hundreds of years." - by Anthony Howe

His 725kg sculpture of linked stainless steel armatures rotating around a circular axis called Di-Octo measures 7.8m in height, is 3m wide and has a diameter of 1.4m. It is able to spin in ultralight winds, but overbuilt to withstand strong ones as well. It moves very silently and has a kind of relaxing, almost therapeutic good-feel to it.

The sculpture is currently available for $225,000.00.

While his work is not available for commission, you can still check out his projects on his website

Feb. 1, 2016 Living photo: www.howeart.net

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