After you've eaten a little more than planned, you tend to unbuckle a little. From now on, Belty will do that for you. And it can do even more than that.

Belt trouble is not uncommon. When you stand up straight, it fits perfectly, but once you take a sit, it needs to expand a little to let you breathe. Belty, basically a smart belt buckle and very likely your future personal fitness trainer, features an actuator that ensures your preferred level of comfort throughout the day by automatically loosening the belt as you sit and tightening as you stand, depending on how much you have eaten and how much you have exercised to burn all those calories.

It monitors your inactivity and keeps track of your changing waistline, so it will give you a proper nudge once it detects that you've been sitting behind your office desk for far too long. Belty comes equipped with small sensors, an accelerator and gyroscope. It will connect with your smartphone via bluetooth and transfer all waist measurements to an app for further analysis. You can set an alert and Belty will promptly let you know, when it's time to take a little walk or when you've had one slice of cake too many.

Belty was designed in France by Emiota, partnered with L'Aiglon (a company with a 125-year-old tradition in creating hand-stiched high-quality leather belts) to combine both highest-quality leather and cutting-edge technology in a brand new tech accessory.

When does Belty go on sale? They haven't confirmed the street date yet, nor have they mentioned anything about the price range, but we may expect it sometime later this year.

June 16, 2015 Living photo: Belty

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