As long as the sun shines, people should never put the lights on. "Turn off the lights and let Lucy shine" is the philosophy behind Solenica's flagship product. 

Lucy, with its 40 centimeters in diameter, is easily portable and can be placed anywhere. It requires no installation, as there are no wires necessary. She will gather light from the sun and brighten up any room in your home or office with healthy natural light. It redirects sunlight inside the house, to any room, using its articulated mirror. Once you have Lucy working for you, you need to artificial light during the day, meaning you can also save a pretty penny.

With a whole month left before the end of Lucy's crowdfunding campaign, the product has gained a lot of support on Indiegogo, so far gathering 324% of $50,000 flexible goal. After the end, Lucy will cost $299, but at the moment early birds can still get their own Lucy for $199.

Sept. 15, 2016 Living photo: Solenica

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