For warmth during cold days and for the pleasure of cooking outdoors. 

The ikiPele, a compact sustainable pellet heater that uses CO2 neutral wood pellets, was created by a Dutch Design company, InMarket. 

In Hawaiian, Iki Pele means "a small vulcano", so the little burner was named quite appropriately. Because of its size, it can fit almost anywhere and it's quite light, so you can easily carry it around. You can use it in your garden or balcony, or even take it with you on a short trip or vacation.

Imagine - lighting up a wonderful fire to enjoy some outdoor living, cooking and have fun. You can put a pan or a pot on the included cross at the top, so you can prepare some fresh, hot tea, coffe, or even eggs and sausages, if you like. The team behind the burner say it's also quite ideal for roasting marshmallows.

To start it up, you only need to light the starter and place the wind cover. The wood pellets will ignite and the fun can start! It's safe, it's easily done and in a nice, eco-friendly way as well. Yes, indeed, Mother Nature wouldn't mind - the ikiPele burner uses CO2 neutral wood pellets. 

The solid pellets are converted into heat and wood gas during combustion, and as explained by the team, the remarkable thing about ikiPele is that the wood gas is extracted from the fire and is injected again in the top of the fire where it ignites, resulting in a smoke-free fire.

If you feel like you wish to know more or you'd love to see ikiPele burn in your own garden, head over to the product's Kickstarter page where you can pre-order one.

Dec. 13, 2016 Living photo: IkiPele

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