Cyclee helps protect the cyclists by projecting signals on their backs.


Every time night falls or there is poor visibility on the road, cyclists' lives are endangered. Many drivers can't spot them in the dark, which is especially critical, when there are no designated trails for cyclists and they have to use the road, however inappropriate it may be. To make things worse, some cyclists don't always use head lights, flash lights or lamps to make themselves visible. 

Elnur Babayev wanted to do something about cyclist visibility and safety during the night. He came up with the idea of a projector dubbed Cyclee - a small, bike-mounted device that projects symbols, words, or signs onto cyclist's backs for other road users to see. His impressive concept may see the light of day very soon, providing there is sufficient (crowd)funding. 

Mounted on the rear of the bike , Cyclee would project images based on the cyclist's actions and movement. The device would alert nearby drivers about the cyclist's next move, giving safety instructions similar to traffic signs and turn signals (riding, stop, turning left, etc). Images and symbols would be modified via a coordinating smartphone app, but we do hope that doesn't mean the rider needs to use the phone while cycling. That would be irresponsible and potentitally just as dangerous as riding in the dark with no lights.

We probably agree, though, that a cyclist with a back that looks like an illuminated street sign is rather hard to miss. 

July 17, 2015 Living photo: Cyclee

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