One one hand it delivers a lot more power than Bugatti Chiron while on the other it promisses more than sufficient range.


Automotive company Rimac, based in small Croatian town Sveta Nedelja was until few years ago quite unknown to general public. Then, around the year of 2013, they have announced and actually started producing their first hypercar. Initially there was not much heard about the car, mostly because production numbers were very limited and such attempts usually do not leave a major impact on car industry. This one did, however, mostly because the car actually beat legendary Bugatti Veyron in drag racing. People eventually started noticing.

Today, Rimac made a new and rather big step forward. They presented Concept 1's successor, simply called Concept 2 (or ctwo). And what a successor it is. 1,4 Mw of power is produced through four electric engines – rear pair of engines has two speed automatic gearbox – beating its predecessor by a fair margin of 600 kilowatts. Adding to that, car also produces around 2.300 NM of torque. Numbers, that are quite hard to imagine.

Fourth generation of autonomous drive

Of course, that kind of specs eventually means some impressive performances on the road. Concept 2 only needs 1,85 seconds from standing still to reach 100 kilometers per hour and an additional 9,95 seconds to reach 300 kilometers per hour. Top speed remains unknown. What is known is cars autonomy. With the help of battery pack, that has a capacity of 120 kWh, car is expected to make up to 650 kilometers on a single charge.

In addition, impressive specs, car also has an impressive amount of other types of technologies, mostly related with safety and autonomous drive. Ctwo is equipped with some 400 sensors, including 7 lidars and cameras that are needed for car to drive pretty much without the help of a driver – if one wants it to. Those sensors will a total of 8 TB of data...each hour!

A total of 150 Ctwos are planned to be made in the next few years with 1,7 million euros costing each and when they are made, each and every one will is going to be test driven by Mate Rimac, company owner himself.

March 6, 2018 Living photo: Dušan Lukič

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