If the bees go extinct, humans will soon face the exact same fate. 

Beekepers say they've seen an annual loss of 30-90 percent of their bee colonies, which means the number of colonies has declined by half in only 17 years in America alone.  You might not be too affected by these numbers, but let us tell you that one third of the food from your plates only exists because of the bees.

They credit Albert Einstein for saying "If honey bees die out, humans will follow a few years later." These might not necessarily be his own true words, buy they do carry significant meaning. If the bees indeed become extinct, thousands of plants will die out as well and a lot of food we take for granted won't exist anymore. Now that is something that concerns all of us.

Yes, there is global warming that's affecting the life of the colonies, but bees also suffer because of other foes, more dreadful and deadlier than you may imagine. Take parasites, for example. They suck the bodily fluids out of bees and weaken them; they can even take down the entire hive. Then there are deadly insecticides that attack the nerve system. The bees gather these poisons along with the polen and carry them inside the hive, where they slowly paralyze and kill the entire colony. Some poisons cause bees to lose their orientation and are unable to return to their hive. Without the hive, they die.

To understand the importance of bees better, check the video below. Thanks to Kurz Gesagt.

July 15, 2015 Living photo: Kurz Gesagt

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