According to the A-Bike Electric manufacturer, it is!


Would you like to own an electric bike you can fold and unfold in less than 10 seconds? The manufacturer claims A-Bike Electric is the lightest and the smallest bike around. It only weighs 12 kilograms and once folded, it measures 21 x 40 x 70 centimeters.

It takes the lightweight detachable quick charge 24V battery 2,5 hours to fully charge. Maximum range of the bike is 25 kilometers with expected maximum speed of 20 km/h. If you happen to empy your battery during the ride, A-Bike will become a regular, your-own-two-feet-powered bike. Users can otherwise decide for themselves, when to go classy and use the battery, and when they'll rather depend on their own stamina. The battery is activated with a simple-to-use on and off button.

If you need more assistance with your uphill ride, the motor will automatically deliver more power to make pedalling feel effortless, says the manufacturer.

Using aircraft grade aluminium and high-strength glass-reinforced polymers has made the A-Bike Electric lightweight and durable.

Despite the fact some say this sort of bike won't take you far, that it is awkward to use, because it is so small and quite unstable, the manufacturer claims riding it will feel like riding any other bike – just keep away from the holes in the road ...

The price? Available from October for 699 GBP or 1089 USD.

July 23, 2015 Living photo: A-Bike Electric

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