Imagine a resort where the rooms, the bar and even the beds are made entirely out of ice. 


Stunning Swedish Icehotel is a place, where artists from around the world gather every winter to contribute to a unique project. The artists come from all art disciplines and there are no entry requirements for applying to design one of our suites. 

The 26th rendition of IceHotel opened on December 11, 2015. This year, they're making 19 individually themed and hand crafted art suites. "We're happy and feel humble to have received an incredible 130 submissions, giving us a hard time to make the final selection," said the hotel team.

The hotel is an ongoing art-project covering 59,200 sq. ft and built out of 2,000 tons of river ice and 3,000 tons of 'snice' a combination of ice and snow. It's created in sections and each artist spends their time there in intervals. The rooms and hallways are built in a classic oval shape, which is the strongest construction shape due to its self-supporting nature. It is especially noticeable when the hotel melts – instead of collapsing, the roof and walls just become gradually thinner until the sun cracks through.

During the following four months the hotel and art exhibition will attract around 50,000 people from around 80 different countries. Will you be one of them?

Dec. 20, 2015 Living photo: IceHotel

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