When plugged into computer, you can easily go through the files.

Is 16 GB of storage on your mobile phone enough? For some people yes, for some people no. Lets face it: HD videos, pictures with more and more pixels, music and apps do demand quite a lot of space. That is why phones come with different storage sizes. And users do appreciate it when there is also a microSD slot, so they can always decide if and when to add some more space (smaller capacity means less expensive phone).

If you are an iPhone user, you know inserting a microSD into the slot is not an option - because there is no microSD slot! But there is a device, a curved USB drive, that is able to expand iPhone's memory from 16 to up to 256 GB. It is called Leef iBridge and can be plugged into the iPhone's Lightning port. The first time user connects it to his/hers phone, he or she will be prompted to download an app. From then on, everything is easy as pie. You can even plug iBridge straight into your computer and go through the files and transfer them.

Buying a 16 GB version is going to cost you 59.99 $, while the largest, the 256 GB version, will make your wallet suffer in the amount of 399,99 $. To compare a little: the 16 GB iPhone 6 costs 549 $ and the 64 GB version goes for 649 $. Which is better?

Sept. 21, 2015 Living photo: Leef iBridge

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