Innovative ice cream-maker exceeded its target of 50.000 on Kickstarter in just two days.


And why is it so special? "Because it's beautiful, it can make two different flavors at the same time and it can connect with a smart phone," said the team from IM Vizije.

The ice cream-maker's freezer unit is left in the freezer overnight, and then is put in the machine, while the ingredients are added. The machine mixes and cools them and if it's connected to a smart phone, it will notify you when the ice cream is ready.

The phone will also guide you through recipes, which you will be able to share with your friends. You are also able to choose between different color variants, which will enlighten your kitchen. The Kickstarter price is 189 dollars (170 EURO). It will be available just in time for the summer - July next year.

UPDATE: Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter. There is no official explanation as to why at this moment, however rumours are that authors violated funding rules, e.g. too few supporters for the amount collected.

Aug. 21, 2015 Living photo: iScream

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