Siva Atom is a lightweight, highly-efficient bicycle power generator with detachable 1650mAh battery pack for mobile USB-charged devices, so pedal away and charge as you go, anywhere you go.

It is rather impossible to ignore the ever-growing number of devices that don't require electricity to function. Among them there are also numerous bike-mounted products, which were developed to charge the user's phone using raw pedal power. Siva Cycle Atom is such a device, making it very easy and quick to install the removable battery pack next to the rear wheel axis of your bike.

Spinning of the rear wheel activates Atom's generator. Due to rotation the device is able to charge your smartphone directly. At the same time you can charge the removable 1650 mAh battery, connected to the device. Atom doesn't merely charge your iPhones and smartphones, but also navigational gadgets, GoPro cameras, lights, bluetooth speakers and many others.

Atom weighs only about 300 g, and is weather resistant. According to the developer, the Atom holds up to a waterproofing standard of IP-4 and it will be producing power no matter the weather conditions, even during heavy rain and dust, as long as you keep pushing those pedals.

Some cyclists may experience slightly more strain cycling, however most people won't even notice the device. Device that charges your phones and cameras, while you exercise, will cost you 130 USD.

If one of your life goals include making a change by cutting greenhouse emissions and using renewable energy sources, go cycling with Atom. You'll do a lot of good.

June 23, 2015 Living

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