Looking like this insanely creative (and as natural as it gets) furniture was inspired by the wonderful Ents from the Middle Earth, it features trees grown directly into one of a kind chairs and lamps. Designed by Mr Gavin Munro, these are the pieces sustainability enthusiasts and nature lovers could never say no to. 


Mr Munro has been growing furniture in Derbyshire since 2006. He said his work is inspired by his love of geometry, nature, and traditional woodcraft, with a clear aim to create a "Grown Furniture Industry", "capable of transforming how we produce beautiful objects, reduces damage to the environment, encourages creation of new eco-systems."

As explained by the designer, it all starts with a unique design for the specific piece of furniture. A modular frame is then created to have the tree grow and shape around it. If they're creating a chair, the entire thing is grown as a single piece. The tree is shaped, clipped and nurtured to grow and strengthen into a particular shape. Once ready to harvest, every product is finished in the Derbyshire workshop by hand.

The manufacturing process sees no forests destroyed, because Full Grown plants their own trees. The high ecologically conscious note is further emphasized by the fact that the waste they create is turned into compost and fertiliser, while the rest is recycled. Their work on a four-acre field, planted with three thousand trees. All year round, their so-called open-air factory is powered only by alternative energy sources – the sun, rain and wind, making it carbon neutral. By growing trees, Mr Munro explains, they also invest in renewable technology for their energy requirements. The only ecologically non-friendly power source they use is fuel for the cutter, mower, and wood chipper.

 Currently, Full Grown is growing 500 pieces, but expect more to follow soon. Those who were early enough to pledge 3,000 GBP on Full Grown's Kickstarter's campaign, were able to pre-order a Full Grown Chair, currently growing in manufacturer's Derbyshire field.

Jan. 18, 2017 Living photo: Full Grown Ltd

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