Tempus fugit! It has been almost a week since we have received our first samples of the most awaited gadget of 2015 - the Apple Watch. Bearing in mind only 22% of the orders submitted within the first 2 hours on the 10th April were delivered to customers within the United States, we shall consider ourselves very fortunate to have received one 38mm Watch Sport and one 38mm Watch on the 24th April.


If for no other reason, the new Apple Watch should be unreservedly revered as the very first truly, really and genuinely NEW Apple product since the world lost Steve Jobs! After all and sundry variations and permutations of the iPhone, MacBooks, iMac and God knows what else, there is, at last, a 100% NEW Apple product to cheer about. Not only, it is a product that will, without a shade of doubt, have far fetching consequences on whatever may follow in this domain in the years to come...

Pros and cons? Pluses first. This is, arguably, the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing wearable device (as they call them) of the kind to this date. Beautifully crafted, well balanced on the wrist, it actually feels like a true timepiece. The aluminium body of the Watch Sport weighs mere 15 grams and even the 25g "heavy" stainless steel Watch feels feather-light and slim. Both models are beautifully presented (as good watches should be) making the unpacking and setting up process a very special experience indeed.

Apple Watch works well with the mandatory iPhone application and all functions seem logical and intelligent. And, most importantly, they work. We can also confirm that a single 100% battery charge takes the watch through a day cycle of average use with around 25-30% left late in the evening.

One wonders, though, what is the real intent and purpose of this ingenious device unless: a) you are a fitness addict and, b) you happen to have your iPhone in close proximity of the Watch. Why? Because Apple Watch cannot do very much (virtually nothing) without it! As always, time will tell. There is no question months ahead of will bring many new applications written specifically for the Watch which should broaden it's versatility and appeal.

Huge and presently unimaginable potential lies within this rectangular beast resting on one's wrist. And, if none of the above makes any sense, do not despair – just get one as soon as you can and start modeling the most desirable new gadget of the moment knowing the moment will last for a long time. And, as a bonus - it is damn hard not to like it.

May 8, 2015 Living photo: Apple

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