What if there really was a perfectly doable way to workout and produce electricity to power your home at the same time? And not only that - what if everyone in the world could do the same? Imagine the global impact.

The invention is called the Free Electric hybrid bike and was invented by Manoj Bhargava

The entire concept is rather simple, yet totally ingenious! When you start your, let's say, morning workout routine and push the pedals, a flywheel is set in motion, which then turns a generator and charges the battery. You will produce enough energy to power your household for 24 hours, if you just keep those pedals turning for one hour. A very clean way to generate electricity without being dependent on the public electrical grid!

The billionaire business mogul Manoj and his creative team are thinking globally, focusing on water, electricity and health. With their invention they aim to help the world in need - giving power to the poor half of the world by introducing them to a free, clean and eco-friendly source of energy, a vital part of modern life, technology and learning.

So they came up with the idea of using human mechanical energy - it's literally everywhere - and invented the Free Electric Hybrid Bike, dubbed as ''the coolest invention of all our inventions'' by Manoj himself.

Reportedly, Manoj's plan is to distribute 10,000 of the bicycles in India in 2016. He has also pledged 90% of his wealth to charity and further scientific research. An amazing, truly inspiring man!

Nov. 11, 2015 Living photo: National Geographic

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