A cool, must-have gadget for all us sneaky-sneaky typists: TAP turns the tactile world into a keyboard!


If the typing surface of your smartphone is too tiny for you or you find yourself in a situation when you simply have to type something without others noticing, Tap Systems Inc. created TAP - the ultra cool, one-handed, Bluetooth-enabled, wearable keyboard we've always wanted. It transforms anything you can type on into your typing surface, so you can type more or less anywhere with it.

All you need to do is create your TAP account, download TAP apps and tap away. 

As creators describe it, Tap Strap comes with a series of embedded sensors that monitor mechanical information provided by the hand and fingers. This information is processed by an MCU in the Strap, which decodes the raw data into finger tap combinations - it can recognize the letters you're typing, even if on your knee. Then, this information is transmitted to your phone via Bluetooth, using the Tap app. 

Tap Strap is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices which support the HID Keyboard Standard, including iOS and Android phones and tablets, Window and Mac computers, and even most Smart TVs.

May 18, 2016 Living photo: Tap Systems Inc.

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