Imagine your office in the middle of the forest, in the quiet, hugged by nature. You probably dream of something similar every working Monday? Now you can make your dreams come true with the KantoorKaravan - a completely self-sufficient mobile office!  


It doesn't take much to move you somewhere in the middle of a corn field or under the protective, cooling shadow of a mighty oak, but what does it take to move your office? Wi-fi, naturally. And electricity, because something needs to power your laptop, right? A camper that only looks like a camper in fact has everything you would require in a fully-functional business office. Including, may we add enthusiastically, a proper coffee-making machine, powered by solar cells! Yes, of course, there is also a bathroom, no need to look for thick bushes. Can you possibly ask for something more?

Caravans can be rented in the Netherlands, but if you can't afford it, the owners are willing to consider other ways of payment. For example, you can roll up your sleeves and start repairing a broken window on a caravan or care for the surrounding land. The more you contribute to the projects and natural location, the less rent you have to pay in cash. Pretty neat, don't you agree?

Office campers come in various sizes, as they were designed with an individual in mind as well as smaller groups. The creators wish to expand their concept to Spain, Greece, Sweden and perhaps even to other countries. Considering the fact that more and more studies show, how people are more efficient and their work is of greater quality, when they work and create in a stress-free environment (which forests definitely are!), then this mobile office set in exciting and inspirational sphere of wilderness might be just the thing that will prevent us from becoming (or remaining) burned out from work.

July 29, 2015 Living photo: KantoorKaravan

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