While Elon Musk is revolutionizing transportation and energy at Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity, his brother Kimbal is attempting to revolutionize the food system.


Kimbal Musk is on a mission to help America eat healthier, more sustainable food. In 2011 he developed the Learning Garden, to connect kids to real food through outdoor learning and experiential play. The Kitchen Community, his non profit organization, impacts over 125,000 children a day with 240 Learning Gardens in schools and community organizations across the country. 

He is also a co-founder of The Kitchen family of restaurants in Colorado and elsewhere, which make a point of sourcing from local farmers. The Kitchen restaurants are built by a community of craftsman, serving food & drink from local farmers, ranchers and purveyors for the sustainable enjoyment of the whole community – including staff. Being a community establishment also includes our commitment to environmentally-friendly practices, including composting, wind power, eco-friendly packaging and recycling. "We believe that gathering around the table and sharing good food and drink is what connects us as family, friends and a community. It's the essence of Community Through Food," Kimbal said. 

Each of The Kitchen restaurants donates a percentage of sales to support The Kitchen Community to build Learning Gardens in local schools. 

Dec. 31, 2015 Living photo: The kitchen community

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