Campers and travelers, fond of outdoor cooking, you may want to read this. Your new best buddy from Austria, called the Camp Champ, will turn your average camping trip into an unforgettable culinary experience.


When you finally set up a camp, you usually get hungry. The trouble is, the usual gear you have at your disposal is quite basic (at best) and doesn't allow your master chef to shine as s/he would, when surrounded by all the kitchen appliances and tools of your home. Camp Champ, on the other hand, is a little wooden box of surprises – once you open it, it will turn into a full kitchen area complete with a four-burner gas stove, cookware, dishes, tools, utensils, garbage bag holders, and a lot of counter space; everything you can possibly imagine to serve a wonderful meal to a party of six. It even has a spice rack.

Every compartment has its purpose and each tool or utensil fits perfectly in its desginated place. It can be closed by dual doors, however the main unit is also protected by the waterproof outer shell. Fully closed Camp Champ makes a compact, robust and sturdy wooden package, ready to be transported into the wilderness. It also doubles as a sitting crate with enclosed cushion for comfortable sitting.

Camp Champ was designed by Austrian designer Franz Moser, who actually created the magical wooden box for his own personal use, sourcing most of the cooking equipment from Germany and Switzerland. According to manufacturer, the robust corpus is built of lightweight boatbuilding plywood; among other things, it has galvanized steel corner reinforcements, steel handles, and durable, laminated work surfaces. Camp Champ weighs 40 kilograms when empty and 75 kilograms when filled with all accompanying gear, ready to ship. Closed box measures 68 x 54 x 57 cm.

It sounds so wonderful, it must be expensive. And it is. Your ideal cooking buddy will cost you around 5,380 EUR (cca. 6,120 USD).

May 26, 2017 Living photo: Camp Champ

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