From Mayfield Robotics comes a first-of-its-kind intelligent home robot named Kuri. It debuted at CES on January 3rd, at 6:00am PT and promises to offer everything from facial and speech recognition, to mapping and entertainment.


Kuri, that looks like your next favourite smart toy, is 20" tall, 12" wide, and he weighs 14lbs. He has a built-in HD camera, so you can check what's going on at home via smartphone even when you're not in - using iOS and Android app allows remote control, task programming, and review of historical videos/photos. 

He moves with the help of small, yet powerful, electric motors and wheels that are perfectly sized to make his movement around a family home - usually full of tiles, carpets and other flooring solutions - effortless.

Kuri reacts to voice commands and noises, he can play your favourite music and read bedtime stories to children - all with the help of a 4-Microphone array, powerful dual speakers, and wifi as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Thanks to all the sensors for mapping and detecting edges and objects, you never have to worry he'll bump into something and break your expensive vase. Kuri always knows exactly where he is and where he needs to go.

Kuri's batteries last a few hours, before it's time to refuel. He returns to his charging dock on his own and prepares himself for a quick charging nap.

Visit to pre-order Kuri with a $100 deposit (U.S. only); after that, it'll be available for $699 (MSRP), with shipping excpected in time for the 2017 holidays.

Jan. 6, 2017 Living photo: Mayfield Robotics Inc./KURI

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