Surprise, surprise! Rockstar Lenny Kravitz is back in action. But this time he is rocking on...guess what? Home decor! 


Even if he's been rocking in this business since 2003, when he opened his company Kravitz Design, this latest collaboration is quite a surprise.

He designed a line of furniture for CB2, the trendy home goods store. 20 pieces of lighting, pillows, wall decor, rugs and furniture, all in cool combinations of leather, metal, wood, rich textiles and reflective surfaces. 

He takes references from the "sleek glam of the 1970s New York club culture and the natural ease of the California music scene of the 1970s", inspired by his world travels and personal experiences.

Furniture (and all that comes with it) with his signature style will be available in stores from October 1 onwards, but guess what - if you are one of those who simply cannot wait, you can pre-order it today.

The 70s glam pieces won't disappoint you.

Sept. 15, 2015 Living photo: Kravitz Design

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