LG Electronics (LG)'s advanced intelligent consumer and industrial robots will chat, clean and mow the lawn. See them at work this week at CES® 2017 in Las Vegas.

The lineup includes a home robot that doubles as a smart home gateway and intelligent home notification center, and IoT-inspired advanced robots designed for use in public spaces, such as airports. 

Using Amazon Alexa's voice recognition technology, Hub robot with an interactive display is all about creating a smarter, more connected home. Using facial recognition it can always tell which member of the family is which and respond accordingly. It even uses body language, such as nodding. Based on voice commands, Hub can perform various household tasks, like turning on the air conditioner, but it can also be used to play music, set alarms, create reminder memos and provide weather and traffic updates. Complementing Hub Robot will also be the mini robots with the same abilities, only smaller, so they can be put in various rooms of the house.

On another note, LG is also presenting robots to be used outside our homes. Such is The Airport Guide Robot, which will soon go into service in Seoul's Incheon International Airport. This robot is described as an intelligent information assistant for travelers, answering questions in four languages: English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. It can scan a passenger's ticket and instantly provide detailed information about a flight's boarding time and gate location. It also offer directions to various places within the airport, along with estimated distances and walking times. If you're lost or late, The Airport Guide Robot will keep you company and escort you to your desired location. 

Also to be used at the airports, there is LG's Airport Cleaning Robot. It is a huge robot vacuum equipped with a large-capacity dust canister, multiple brushes and motors. It cleans everything off any surface and comes heavily equipped with the latest in smart sensors and multiple cameras. 

"LG has been involved in smart technology and robotics for many years with the HOM-BOT robot vacuum cleaner being our most visible consumer effort," said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics and Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company. "Here at CES, we're demonstrating how we're taking the knowledge gleaned from years of research and applying that to various situations inside and outside the home."

Jan. 8, 2017 Living photo: LG

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