Eight emergency LED 'matches' will give you a total of 64 hours of light! Waterproof, super-small & very handy for when the power goes off.


Over at Tokyo-based MBI Matchbook they created the world's tiniest LED flashlights that look very much like real matches - they are small enough to always keep them in your pocket or a wallet in case of emergency. 

8 miniature flashlights - housed in a convenient matchbook style holder - are waterproof and fully submersible, meaning they'll work just fine even if you dive with them in a pool. If you aren't a fan of a red LED tint, you can also opt for a white or a green one. Each of the flashlights has a run time of approximately 8 hours, so if you go out camping, they'll be your best buddies for about 64 hours in total

The tiny flashlight uses a lithium tube type battery, which has 3mm in diameter and is approximately 20mm long. At the bottom of the battery there is a 3mmx3mm neodymium magnet, coated with a plastic-rubber sheath to ensure additional protection. It also makes sure the magnet stays firmly attached.

MBI Matchbook is available at Indiegogo and seems to be in pretty high demand! The original campaign has already been funded, though, gathering a whooping 244% of set goal. They say they'll ship anywhere, with a flat rate shipping fee of $7.50. Products are set to ship in July 2016.

April 21, 2016 Living photo: MBI Matchbox Instruments

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