A tiny home that offers everything you need without making any harmful impact on the environment.


Biosphera 2.0 is a 25-square-meter zero-energy prefabricated dwelling (including a bedroom, bathroom, living area, kitchen, and even an outdoor deck). Built to Passivhaus and Minergie energy standards, the passive home is constructed from PEFC-certified timber and comes with good insulation, rooftop solar panels and LEDs to brighten up the interior.

Its design is based on a award-winning concept that was created by Politecnico di Torino architecture students. Inhabitants can feel comfy inside, as room temperature fluctuates between 21 to 25 degrees Celsius, even if outside conditions are more extreme, from -21 degrees Celsius in witner to 39 degrees Celsius in summer. Biosphera 2.0 is capable of adapting to such conditions with no external help.

The experimental mobile home is set to spend 12 months in various places in Italy, as part of a research project testing various environmental conditions with experts gathering, monitoring and analyzing received data. Currently it is set up in Courmayeur, but it will spend 2 months in each of the following cities throughout the entire year: Aosta, Milan, Rimini, Torino, and Lugano.

A total of 24 inhabitants will live in Biosphera 2.0 during this time to provide vaulable feedback on living conditions inside the structure.

If the results are favourable, this will be the kind of tiny home, you can take with you anytime anywhere.

April 3, 2016 Living photo: Biosphera 2.0

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