In Heidelberg-Bahnstadt (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) Frey Architekten are building a solar-powered Heidelberg Village for a multi-generational, sustainable living, including green frontages and roofs.


The goal of the project is to make every single resident, no matter how young or how old, how healthy or perhaps in any way disabled, enjoy their time at the village and feel accepted as well as fully integrated in the 'living community'.

The passive residential and commercial complex will stretch over approximately 108.6 hectares. In total, there will be 162 units offered in various residential schemes - from smaller one-room to large five-room family apartments (cca. 110 square meters), all to be rented. All apartments will have either a balcony or a terrace, with the complex additionally boasting a wide range of roof gardens, vertical gardens, playgrounds, lounges and other social meeting points. 

The sustainable living concept incorporates many flexible and intelligent solutions, so it guranatees comfort to also to wheelchair users and other individuals with unique support needs do reside in the entire complex. Despite the fact the complex does not qualify as a nursing home, it will offer a a nursing home like environment.

On a further social note, there will be a cca. 8 square meters large public bathroom facility built on the ground floor of Heidelberg Village to meet the demands of people with special needs. It will have a completely handicapped accessible entrance, allowing for enough space for both a person in a wheelchair and an assistant. A fold-out lounge will ensure the possibility of changing clothes and a short respite. Moreover, residents will be able to use pleny of grips along with a handicapped accessibly toilet and sink with a hand dryer too.

Construction work began in Ocotber 2015 and the project is expected to be completed by 2017 (House B) and 2018 (House A).

Aug. 22, 2016 Living photo: Frey Architekten

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