Ikea launches a new product line, created from sustainable, re-used, re-purposed materials.


In a press statement, Ikea says that as a next step in taking a responsibility for what they sell and what they produce, Ikea's design teams put their heads together to find a way to create new things out of things that are normally thrown away. What they aimed for was not only re-purposing trash materials but also "closing material loops, designing in new ways and innovating in our supply chain."

Product developer Anna Granath and her kitchen colleagues at IKEA found a way to put recycled PET water bottles to use and close the recycling loop. Collaboration between designers and suppliers resulted in the kitchen door KUNGSBACKA, made of recycled wood and foil from recycled PET bottles.

Then there is the new ODGER chair - comfortable, sturdy, durable, easy to clean and eco-friendly - it was created from a wood plastic mixture (70% recycled plastic and 30% renewable wood). In Ikea's usual manner, it is also quite simple to assemble. Set to launch in 2017, ODGER - which was designed jointly with the Swedish design group Form Us With Love - will be available in white, blue and nature brown with visible wood flakes.

The third in line is the new IKEA PS 2017 vase that was produced using leftover glass, making it "mass-produced but totally unique at the same time." They decided to simply re-melt glass that was deemed inappropriate due to bubbles or defects that occur during production of other IKEA products.

Nov. 17, 2016 Living photo: Ikea

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