Not words, it's the deeds that count - while educational concept involving high moral values, respect for nature, and an appreciation of all beliefs and cultures perhaps isn't new, this one from Lombok Learning Village is definitely the non-traditional concept that's very much happening and moving ahead!


Who wouldn't feel inspired by learning new things in a natural, tropical environment? While literacy, numeracy, and technological literacy are all important, it is cruical to place and test this knowledge in a real-world context. And that's exactly what the Lombok Learning Village, which is currently still in construction phase, will offer.

Educators from all over the world seem to have been immediately attracted to become part of Lombok Learning Village inspirational education with holistic curriculum, judging from the fact that over 170 job applications were received and that all teaching positions for 2017/2018 school year have already been filled.

They will host early child hood, primary years, middle years, and secondary studies with learning programs "personalized, tailored to suit each individual." School ground is being constructed in a way to become closely connected with the studies - for example, to transfer theoretical knowledge from Agriculture or Art into a real-life learning experiences.

Lambok Learning Village will open its doors for the very first time in August 2017.

April 29, 2017 Living photo: Profimedia

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