Over the next five years, London Mayor Sadiq Khan will reportedly invest £770 million in London's future cycling.

The hefty investment will reportedly be made to tackle the overall inactivity, air pollution and other public health hazzards that trouble London. Riding a bike is healthy for the cycler as well as for the environment. Afterall, it's one of the greenest, completely emission-free means of travelling from one point to another, apart from walking or running. And this is the message that needs to be understood and supported in order to make a difference, especially when one considers London's ever growing population. It is estimated to grow to above 10 million in just over a decade, so planning ahead the infrastructure and finding the most sustainable transport solutions is cruical.

"Boosting investment in cycling is great news that will make London a better, greener, healthier city for all. The new money will help ensure the Mayor fulfils the promises he made to LCC to triple the mileage of London's protected cycle lanes, fix the most dangerous junctions and fund a people-friendly 'mini-Holland' style development in every borough," stated Ashok Sinha, CEO, London Cycling Campaign.

Khan's office proposes a plan that includes spending about £17 per person per year, which is the amount close to what is spent in the Netherlands and Denmark, both known as incredibly cycling-friendly countries. Also, the plan sees two new cycle superhighways created, called CS4 (from Tower Bridge to Greenwich) and CS9 (from Olympia and Hounslow). They would feature their own dedicated traffic lights and be separated from car lanes by curbs to ensure safe cycling.

Dec. 15, 2016 Living photo: European Cyclists' Federation

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