If you wish to (we doubt you don't) explore every inch of your body, wake up listening to aroused women moaning their hearts out, or discover your favorite sex position, look no further - go to New York, find the Museum of Sex (MoSex) and enjoy the extra-ordinary camping experience. Yes, camping as in tents.

New York is a pretty neat place. Among other culturally significant establishments there is also a proper Museum of Sex, which has been (for the time being) converted into an interactive art installation, focusing on human's favourite leisure activity.

Studio Droog from Amsterdam set up campground complete with five multi-sensory camping tents, offering a unique erotic experience. Droog's installation will be on display for one year, tempting visitors to interact and connect with various phases of human sexuality.

The first tent, named 'Autoerotic Kinesthesia', features a kaleidoscope of mirrors, which invite you to explore every part of your body, may it be from the front or the backside. Entering the second tent will surely make you hot - 'The Ice Oven Challenge' tent warms simultaneously with your basal body temperature rising. The next tent, 'Pneumatic Kinesthesia', is an erotic version of the well-known social game Twister, prompting you to explore various sexual positions.

But behold, this is only the beginning. In one of the tents, 'Wetten Your Appetite', visitors get caught in a scented cloud of pheromones. Just what you need prior to entering the next tent, where a girl arouses you with touch and sexy sounds if you decide to lay down next to her.

Enough for you to 'finish' the tour happy? For some, maybe, for some not. Either way, it seems to be a pleasurable experience.

Aug. 29, 2015 Living photo: Studio Droog

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