LOVE is said to be the world's first intelligent turntable for all audiophiles. It will keep your flame for good old vinyl records burning and at the same time let you enjoy some modern day smart tech. 

The light and easily transportable LOVE turntable reads vinyl records as any traditional turntable would, however it can also connect to Bluetooth & Wi-Fi. Using your smartphone, you can control this smart, music loving device to play records, skip and repeat tracks, alter the volume, display the album cover and select different RPM speeds. All that can be done with or without the accompanying app.

LOVE turns counterclockwise on a still record. You can play records of any size - just place the record on the LOVE turntable record base to scan the vinyl and determine speed. you can choose the preferred track (like track number four, for example) by either pressing LOVE's top shell four times or selecting the number four track through the app.

LOVE is so neatly desgined that you don't need anything special to set it up and start using it. You can listen to it in your kitchen and then take it to your living room to continue the fun there. No hassle, no cables making crazy knots behind you.

LOVE can be connected to speakers, headphones, receivers, multi-room systems and more directly via 3.5mm cord or RCA Bluetooth adapter, or, as mentioned before, wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. LOVE is powered by a long lasting high-quality lithium battery that can be charged with a USB cable (takes roughly 1.5 hours to recharge) and that allows you to listen to over 15 complete sides of 12" LP records.

With 21 days to go, LOVE turntable already raised almost $550,000 with the help of 1,593 backers on Kickstarter, while their initial goal was set at $50,000. The product's retail price is set at $599, but early birds were able to secure 2 turntables for basically the price of one. First deliveries are expected in October 2017.

Feb. 15, 2017 Living photo: Love Turntable / via Facebook

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