No plugs, no batteries, uses only one candle.


Lumir is a portmanteau word of 'Lumi' which means the light and 'Mir' which means the world. With a goal to light up the world, they have invented 'Lumir C'. The Lumir C is designed without any external power supply, instead operating off of a single candle. Launched and successfully funded on Kickstarter, it offers an eco-friendly alternative to lighting. Early birds can order it for 69$ and cause it doesn't need any burden wire or outlets, you can use Lumir C anywhere you want such as in camping, on bedside or while decorating your house if you have just one candle.

Device is using the thermoelectric effect to generate power for the LED, which is positioned at the top of the Lumir C and the difference in temperature is what creates the electric voltage. There are two versions of the Lumir C, one that illuminates in all directions called Mood, and another that directs a beam of light called Spot. 

The Lumir C team also created a low-cost option, the Lumir K, which uses the same technology as Lumir C but will not be sold for profit and was created to help developing countries such as the Philippines.

Feb. 6, 2016 Living photo: Lumir C

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