It will record everything around you in stunning 4K and let you stream your videos live.  

Sphericam 2 is a 360-degree video camera that records in stunning high definition 4K without any blind spots. With a spherical resolution of 4096x2048 pixels at 60 frames per second, you get the ideal resolution and frame rate to enjoy your video content on a VR Headset (like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard) or on your iPad, tablet, PC or mobile phone.

The tiny camera is no bigger than a tennis ball and weighs less than 400 grams. It comes equipped with six image sensors and lenses that are able to shoot six individual videos, compressed in H.264 (in an mp4 file) up to 600 megabits per second (100 Mbit/sec per camera), of anything surrounding the user in maximum quality (1 Gigabit per second). Sphericam 2 also comes with a WiFi button, an On/Off button, a Micro USB port, 8 Tripod Mounts, 4 Microphones and 6 Micro SD Card Slots.

According to the manufacturer, viewing and sharing content on your smartphone and desktop is easy with WiFi and streaming baked right in. Their mobile app allows you to start/stop recording, monitor the view, while recording, transfer, and view, edit and spread instant VR-love. You are able to shoot videos for 60-90 minutes on one single battery charge.

The all-seeing-eyes can be yours for 1699 USD.


July 14, 2015 Living photo: Sphericam

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