It's an electronic device, yet it requires no charger, no cords, no wireless charging stations. As long as it has you.

Having a device that tells time and keeps track of all sorts of activities in your life, while it never ever requires to be plugged in and will work forever, so to speak, would be absolutely dreamy. Still, its battery would need to be recharged somehow. Matrix Industries found a way - they developed a smartwatch, powered by your body heat.

Matrix PowerWatch measures the calories you burned, your activity level, and sleep using the company's own advanced thermoelectric technology with all the parameters monitored by MATRIX iOS and Android apps. 

Described as the only smartwatch at the moment to feature a power meter which displays how much electrical power you are generating (during the day, your weekly trends and your all-time record), is also the smartwatch you will never have to remove from your wrist to charge its battery. Still, when you do take it off, all your data is stored in the device's memory and the smartwatch simply goes to sleep. Once you put it back on, it 'wakes up' and turns back on.

Made of a rugged aircraft-grade aluminum, it wirelessly syncs with your smartphone, and automatically adjusts to the current time zone. It also comes with changeable watch faces.

With a day left before the crowdfunding campaign ends on Indiegogo, Matrix PowerWatch already attracted a massive fan base. With 7908 backers, the project raised $898,664 USD of the initially $100,000 USD goal. Funded 899%!

Jan. 13, 2017 Living photo: Matrix Industries

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