Did you know that in Sweden McDonald's has a McSki, a ski slope version of McDrive? Yes, it's true!

In the popular ski resort of Lindvallen (about 450 kilometers northwest of Stockholm) you can enjoy McDonald's treats without having to take off your skies. Don't believe it? It's true, McDonald's is known for its interesting restaurants, but you probably never thought you would find it in the middle of a ski slope, wouldn't you?

The restaurant, which also has indoor seating for about 140 people, is some 100 meters from the resort's main ski lift, which can carry about 3,000 people an hour.

Sometimes the weather is perfect and you do not want to take off your skies and wait for food in a hut, but this doesn't mean you have to ski with an empty stomach. Instead of driving you ski up to the window and order your hamburgers and fries. Like it?

Dec. 17, 2015 Living photo: McSki

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