Max and Liliana Younger created a modern M + D crutch - a walking aid that provides painfree mobility by using your elbows to support your weight.


Decided to help his father after his leg had to be amputated, Max Younger from Kansas-based Mobility Designed and his wife Liliana created a new kind of crutch. A mobility device that would fit the user perfectly and be more comfortable to walk with, providing a painless experience. Unlike it is with standard arm crutches and forearm crutches, the M+D Crutch was designed to be used around elbows being the supporting structure, not armpits. 

With their engineering skills, the couple is giving people with a temporary need or a long-term condition (car crash victims, accidents survivors, wounded vetrans) a chance for painfree mobility, thus improving the user's quality of life, both functionally and emotionally. As explained by the innovative duo, each M+D Crutch has two flexible armbands that hold them to the user's arm without strapping them down or locking them in. Their curved design and material allows the user to pull out their forearms easily, but holds them in place when using the M+D Crutches in hands free mode. The flexible arm straps can be placed together on either side of the arm cradle, or on opposite sides, and can be easily moved along the length of the cradle to fit the user's personal preference. 

Furthermore, a standard foot of the new crutch was designed to absorb some of the shock of each step and to prevent slipping. Users can remove the standard foot and replace it with other feet, depending on the various terrains and activities. 

A button on the hand-grip unlocks the handle and allows the length to be regulated. It can be rotated away from user' hands, so one can use them in hands-free mode. A sliding button under the arm cradle unlocks the cradle - by doing so, user can lift arms while still wearing the crutches without fear of dropping them.

The price for a set of M+D Crutches, available in white or black, is $499.00 for a pair and $249.00 for a single. Selling out their first batch, the estimated shipping date is now late 2016.

Sept. 5, 2016 Living photo: Mobility Designed

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