The safest candle you'll ever own.

Groundbreaking Wi-Fire technology allows multiple candles to be lit and controlled from a smartphone app without the need for matches.

"There's nothing quite like the glow, smell, and ambience of candles, but with it comes the fire risk, wax mess, hassles with wicks, and the time it takes to light and extinguish multiple candles," said Jamie Bianchini, co-founder & CEO, LuDela. "LuDela addresses these issues with a smart candle that delivers the convenience and increased safety benefits of LED candles, but with the magic and fascination of a real flame. Combined with social mission, LuDela delivers better light and better lives around the world."

LuDela melds the beauty of traditional candles with 21st century Wi-Fire technology. Its innovative burning design utilizes 100 percent of the natural candle wax with no buried wicks and an "Everbrite Flame" that guarantees the candle will always shine bright. The LuDela smartphone app lights, extinguishes, and controls multiple candles with the touch of a button.

The inspiration for LuDela came about during Jamie Bianchini's well-documented world travels. While in Africa, he became aware that the primary source of light for many families is a kerosene lamp, the fumes of which the World Health Organization compares to smoking up to 40 cigarettes a day. Kerosene is also expensive, eating into the family's monthly budget, creating an ongoing cycle of poverty. Bianchini was also troubled by the lack of books and education available in communities throughout the continent. As a result, LuDela will use a portion of every sale to deliver solar lighting and books to developing countries.

"LuDela literally pays for itself," added Bianchini. "Within the first year, candle refill savings allow most LuDela users to recoup their $99 investment and begin saving money while continuing to enjoy safer, clean burning, beautifully smelling natural candles that light up their space–and their lives."

You can pre-order your LuDela here.

Feb. 2, 2017 Living photo: LuDela

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