Alpha 2 is yet another wonderful revelation from the Las Vegas CES. Some call it the most ''affordable humanoid butler'', but this adorable little robot almost feels like having a new friend or even a new member in the family!


We understand robots are not everyone's cup of tea, but we sure are excited at the thought of owning one! And we also understand that once someone becomes an adult, it's usually a pretty good time to stop thinking about toys. Or is it?

UBTECH Robotics, a Shenzhen-based company from China, launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in November to make world's first humanoid robot for the family a reality and raised $1,323,012 by December 31st. What makes this robot different from similar projects (such as, for example, the very sweet RoBoHon, Buddy or Jibo) is the fact that Alpha 2 is capable of real-time social interaction and it's (relatively) unexpensive.

The 'alpha cutie' is voice-controlled and can do lots of amazing stuff. The little droid is, believe or not, a polyglot, programmed to be your tutor and interperter, translating languages simultaneously as you speak to it. It can act as an in-home nurse, reminding you when to take your medication, but it's not only that - Alpha 2 can be programmed to provide reminders and alarm services for the entire family, telling you when to pick up your dry-cleaning or when to return your books to the library. Alpha 2 never forgets, so it makes quite a dreamy home office secretary - it even makes calls for you, checks voicemails, reads or writes and send text messages as well as emails and uses Wi-Fi to print and fax. It is able to control smart devices, such as smart locks, alarms or lights, so now even your watchdog will have a care-free night.

But it's not all serious business and no fun for Alpha 2. It can entertain you, dance with you, sing to you, become your home DJ playing your favourite tunes, it can make photos and videos of you and your family, tell bedtime stories to your kids and practically teach yoga to your wife as it has 20 joints that replicate human motion

We don't know yet, how useful and practical Alpha 2 actually is in every day life, but it's so adorable, it's actually quite irresistable. So, if you're in a position to spend cca. $1,300 (from March on), do get yourself a new robotic friend - if nothing else at all, it will keep you entertained and look cute 24/7.

Feb. 10, 2016 Living photo: UBTECH Robotics

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