Ultra Fit je tako majhen, da boste pozabili, da je sploh vklopljen.

SanDisk found a solution for all who want a bit more storage space for ultra-light portables or, perhaps, simply want a large capacity USB flash memory key.

The new Ultra Fit USB 3.0 is one of the thinnest USB units we have seen so far. Company's representatives claim it is smaller than the 10 cent coin and has 128GB of storage space. In real life terms it means 16 hours of video at 1080p resolution. Read and write speed is also impressive at up to 130MB per second.

It is not the very fastest USB flash key, but something else matters more: thanks to its miniature size, Ultra Fit can be left permanently connected to your laptop or tablet and treated as additional storage to that of the main device. It is so small and almost invisible that you could easily forget it is present and connected! Needless to say, such a level of convenience has its price. Ultra Fit USB 3.0 with 128GB capacity costs 120 USD (107 EUR). If you are after as much as 250GB of storage, it will cost 200 USD (179 EUR).

June 5, 2015 Living photo: SanDisk

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