No wires, no noise and no compromise.


Immerse yourself in music with Philips's SHB8850NC new wireless headphones with advanced ActiveShield™ active noise canceling technology. ActiveShield™ features two feed-backward microphones used for canceling low frequencies. It detects ambient noise and inverting the sound wave, effectively cancelling it out and converting background noise to silence.

32mm neodymium speaker drivers deliver sound, with high quality Bluetooth 4.0 and earshell switches you can control calls, music and volume. Rechargeable battery offers up to 16 hours of wireless music, but unlike most noise cancellation headphones, they work with or without battery to consistently deliver excellent audio in any environment. If the battery runs out, simply plug in the audio cable and continue enjoying the music.

Compatible with Siri and Google Now, the latest Philips Bluetooth headphones make using your virtual assistant even easier. All you need is a press on the earcan button to activate Siri on iPhone or Google Now on Android devices. Multi-point allows you to connect with two Bluetoothenabled devices simultaneously. Simply pair up the two devices to enjoy movies and music and if you got a call – you could also answer it thanks to the hands-free microphone that's also onboard.

There's also an airline plug adaptor if you want to take the Philips headphones on a flight and connect your audio cable to the onboard entertainment system. Price? 199 $.

Dec. 28, 2016 Living photo: Philips

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