The world is one bar richer. But it's not just any bar. The Lockhart, named after the infamous and completely inept Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts, is a trendy new gathering point, where 'magical' coctails with more or less subtle references to the wizarding world of Harry Potter are being served!


Apparently, in Toronto, Canada you can now enter a new bar - looking like one of your favorite, cool coctail bars would normally look like. When you see that huge stag's head logo on the wall and on Lockhart's coasters, you'd probably go 'Hey, nice stag!', but it turns out only a Muggle would say that, because true Harry Potter fans would just scream from the top of their lungs 'Oh my, it's... it's Patronus!'

Indeed, the Lockhart, despite not being officially connected to the children's most beloved fantasy franchise, offers quite a few Easter Eggs that Harry Potter fans will recognize instantly, while non-fans will just casually enjoy the imaginative names of served spirits and the groovy ambience. Since the names of the drinks are only subtly referring to the Harry Potter books, you won't find the Lockhart serving 'Butterbeer' per se, it will however let you enjoy sipping the likes of 'Ludos' Debt' (guess the reference!), 'the Shacklebolt' (yes, that's the one!), and 'Tinworth Iced Tea'. Tinworth, get it? Wicked!

But it doesn't really stop there. This bar, basically, is a geek heaven. If you check out their menu, you'll see you can ask for the Big Bad Wolf (run, Red Riding Hood, run!) or Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen, anyone?).

We're not sure, if you have to 'solemnly swear you're up to no good' before you enter the bar, but it looks amazing and you definitely, most certainly and surely have to pay them a visit!

Sept. 11, 2015 Living photo: The Lockhart via Facebook

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