In the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, everything will be different from what we've seen so far - as the movie creators promise. It is not an origin story, as it continues pretty much exactly from where Civil War left off., but one of the things we're most interested in is Spidey's new ultra tech suit. Here's a sneak peak.

As Avengers fans already know, the young, 15-year-old Peter Parker met Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man in Civil War, who is the brain behind Spider-Man's new suit. Well, he even built it, as he did his own high tech suits. With this in mind, Spidey's strecthy, spiderwebs-shooting gear-up is becoming something even more fascinating.  

It now comes equipped with onboard A.I. (similar to JARVIS) and holographic interface, while it also has many abilities we've never seen before, like changing web dispersal so the webs now come in different kinds. One of the coolest things is the Spider-Man logo, because it's not just a logo anymore. When necessary, it can now become a surveillance drone! Moreover, even the eyes on the Spidey mask have been given new functions - if you want to see which ones exactly, you'll have to wait for the movie to come out in July.

The downside of the new costume, perhaps (for Peter anyway), is that it also includes a tracker, so Tony Stark is always up to date with Spidey's whereabouts. 

While, of course, all the details can't be revealed yet, the sneak-peak into what's coming is most satisfactory! We can't wait to see all the high tech stuff awaiting (and surprising fans) in the new film about the sassy hero in a skin-tight gear.

Coming July!

April 10, 2017 Living photo: profimedia

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