You can use it in the pool, in a lake, a river, or an ocean - basically, wherever you want!


When it rains, we use umbrellas. We even use them when it is sunny. We could even take them swimming, but that would probably be a little bit awkward and definitely very uncomfortable. This is why the Pool Buoy was invented . "First and the only floating pool umbrella, a revolutionary development in water recreation that is elevating pool time to new levels of fun and sun protection," the designers say about a 7-foot umbrella that floats in any kind of water, providing it's deeper than two feet – it may be a pool, a lake, a river, an ocean, you name it. It is light-weight, easy to assemble (with a few twists), and even has five cupholders for beverages. You can cool off, unwind, and enjoy the sunshine without risking dangerous sun damage to your skin.

And do not worry about umbrella getting flipped over: two feet beneath the water level and foam-filled tabletop (that floats, of course) there is also a 6-pound weight which keeps it stable even when there are waves.

When there is no sun, you can remove the umbrella and still use the Pool Buoy as a floating table. Your glasses will be safe for sure!

Sept. 17, 2015 Living photo: Shade Science

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